Weiyuan Wu

PhD in Computing Science

Simon Fraser University


Weiyuan is a PhD student at SFU right now. His research interests include Data Management, ML Debugging and applying Machine Learning to real problems.

He took a gap year working in Strikingly @ Shanghai, as a Data Scientist.

He can be found at SFU Database System Lab.


  • Data Management
  • ML Debugging
  • Optimization
  • Applied Machine Learning


  • PhD in Computing Science, 2019

    Simon Fraser University

  • MSc in Computing Science, 2017

    Simon Fraser University

  • BEng in Infomation Security, 2012

    University of Electronic Science and Technology of China

Recent Publications

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Towards Complaint-driven ML Workflow Debugging

As the need for ML increases rapidly across all industry sectors, there is a significant interest in integrating model inference into …

Complaint-driven Training Data Debugging for Query 2.0

As the need for machine learning (ML) increases rapidly across all industry sectors, there is a significant interest among commercial …

Recent Posts

Implementing Nextaction In Todoist

Using nextaction-rs, you can now mimic Omnifocus or MLO’s nextaction behavior in Todoist!

Kindle PDF Optimization Service

By sending your pdf documents to kindle-deliver@wooya.me with your Send-To-Kindle address as subject, you will receive a cropped …


The article elaborates some technic details in building a multiple dispatch library in python.

Python C3 Linearization

This article describes the linearization algorithm used in python’s super function call.

Rust Compiler Plugin

We can use compiler plugin in rust compiler pipeline in order to enhance the grammar.



k2pdfopt service

It tailors pdf into kindle readable size in a foolproof way, details .


A sidekiq job format compatible server written in rust. So now you have a worker server running jobs 24/7 !


Coroutine library for Rust! As the cooperator of this project with Zonyitoo .

Recent & Upcoming Talks

Using NIF to handle both compute-bound & IO-bound tasks in elixir

A real application in Strikingly which uses Rust and Elixir to handle both IO bounded and computing bounded task in single app