Implementing Nextaction In Todoist

Using `nextaction-rs`, you can now mimic Omnifocus or MLO's nextaction behavior in Todoist!

Kindle PDF Optimization Service

By sending your pdf documents to `` with your Send-To-Kindle address as subject, you will receive a cropped version of pdf in your Kindle which has a suitable page size for reading.


The article elaborates some technic details in building a multiple dispatch library in python.

Python C3 Linearization

This article describes the linearization algorithm used in python's `super` function call.

Rust Compiler Plugin

We can use compiler plugin in rust compiler pipeline in order to enhance the grammar.

Rust Inline ASM

A simple introduction about using asm in rust.

Rust Enum

We analyzed the memory structure of rust in this article through the perspective of llvm ir.

Rust Object

This article simply introduced the mechanism of dynamic dispatch in rust.

Talk About Phantom Type

Using phantom type when programming can noticeably increase the robustness of the code by transfering the logic checking into type checking.